For some businesses, the December period is their busiest time, others looks forward to a break. Whether you’re gearing up to close, or readying yourself for peak season, remember that business and referral opportunities don’t stop during the holidays.
Networking happens anywhere at any time, in business and social environments.
Here are 5 tips to Networking successfully during the holidays:

1. Be Picky

You may get invited to several year-end events and celebrations. Be picky with the ones that you choose to attend. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by going to every event and then end up missing out on the ones where you’ll benefit most.

2. RSVP’ing

It’s important that you RSVP to reserve your seat. However, if you do this you have to attend. Not showing up or cancelling your reservation will damage your credibility, not only with the organiser. Don’t think they won’t notice… they do!

3. Your Appearance

It’s the holidays and you’re not at work, why dress up? Remember that your appearance affects your image (personally and professionally). Dress appropriately (neat, clean and relevant to the type of event). Don’t under-dress or over-dress, you’ll be noticed both ways.

4. Be Prepared

This might be a social event, but I can guarantee that you’ll be asked what you do for a living. Be prepared with a short elevator pitch, not a “sell” but an introduction to who you are and what you do. Keep it under 45 seconds. Start with “I help people…..” and get creative in order to prompt the follow up question: “How do you do that?”

5. Listen for Referrals

Ask questions and listen for referrals for your fellow members. Even if their businesses are closed over December or January, most will contact the referral and schedule an appointment for their business reopening.
We wish you all Happy Holidays, and here’s to a prosperous and productive 2024!

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