As we go into another year, many small and medium business owners may be asking themselves how they can work smarter this year. Since COVID-19 there have been thousands of people with an entrepreneurial spirit deciding to start their own businesses, but having done so, have come to realize there may be more to it than they initially thought.

Running a successful business means more than simply delivering your service or selling your product. There are administrative and financial obligations too, with customer care and marketing all to be considered and unless you are some kind of Superman or woman you’re unlikely to be able to handle all this alone.

So, the question of who you should hire will arise early in your business development but fortunately hiring permanent staff is not something you need to immediately address. We live in a virtual world and more business than ever is being conducted online.

Smart SME owners have learned that outsourcing Virtual Assistants, at least in the early days, is definitely the way to go and there are a few very good reasons why…

The freedom to do what you do best

The biggest mistake any owner or business manager can make is to take on more than they can handle, thereby distracting them from what they do best – delivering their product or service and business development. These are people that are said to be working ‘in’ their business instead of ‘on’ it.

This often happens because they fear taking on permanent staff to assist them too early in their growth period, but permanent assistance is not the only answer.

Virtual Assistants offer outsourced professional services so that you pay only for the work you need done and save on the unnecessary costs of hiring permanent staff who may not have enough to do all the time. You also save on the additional costs of sick leave, bonuses and vacation time, so the financial benefits can be significant.

Save time and headaches

Another of the great negatives to hiring permanent staff is the time taken to recruit, onboard and train them to do things your way. With a Virtual Assistant, it takes only a simple briefing, and you can rest assured that they are happy to become a part of your business too, buying into your culture, which is why many larger businesses are also now opting for outsourced administrative services.

Finally, you get to avoid the headaches of labor issues and the responsibilities that having a permanent workforce can demand. All around, for SMEs and even some larger more established businesses, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a win-win situation.

Get the professionals

Every Task is a company of professional business administrators with many years of experience in this field. We assist businesses with their administrative, marketing, operations, and sales support needs. It is our mission to solve your problems, leaving you some peace of mind.

Let us take care of your day-to-day admin, so that you can focus on more important things!

Contact us today to see how our services can benefit your unique needs.


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